Welcome to Mojo & More

The new adress of your happy times in Tunalı, the hearth of Ankara.

At Mojo & More, we see you as our guests, not our customers. We offer on interrior design that antique and art lovers will love, and different concept with our garden in the hearth of the city.
In our garden, you will encounter a refreshing atmosphere surrounded by lush trees, and carefully prepared design with retro products that everyone loves. We aim to have you as our permanent guest with its different atmosphere in summer or winter months.
Since we have a wide menu, we have food and drinks suitable for your taste at any time of the day.Protein bowls, pastas, pizzas and burgers are what we brag about. We maintain our claim, especially with ourt breakfast option with plenty of products.
We are always at your service as Mojo & More, serving between 10:00 am - 11:30 pm everyday of the week.

Mojo and More

What are we doing?

Our aim is to have a good time with your loved ones at Mojo & More and to add a new to your beautiful memories.

Plenty of Options Menu

We have a wide choice menu equipped with appetiezer, food, drinks and desserts suitable for every hour of the day.

Special Day Events

Do not forget to contact us for your special days. We can plan a wonderful day with you that will remain in your memories.

Hand Made Products

We have great respect for handmade products. We exhibit the products of different artists in our cafe and offer them for sale

Workshop Events

We meet with handmade manufacturers and organize workshop events in Mojo.

Buying and Selling Antiques

We buy, display and sell your antiques.


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